Salt Bar Bistro menu

Salt Bar is famous for its beachfront location, fantastic value, quality food and friendly service. We've not only added some great new flavours, we've also retained our fantastic value with a variety of meals under $20!

Also available is an all day menu from 3.00 - 5.30pm featuring some of dishes from our main bistro selection, just ask at our bistro counter.


Garlic bread – lightly toasted until golden brown $7.50
Soup of the day – served w/crusty bread $9.90
Antipasto plate – smoked chicken, roast red peppers, marinated feta, olives, dip, grissini, crusty bread, smoked salmon $20.90
Cajun Buffalo chicken wings w/ hot and tangy sauce $15.90
Jalapeno poppers w/ blue cheese sauce $15.90
Pulled pork Asian-style sliders $15.90


Crispy skin pork belly w/ smashed potato, grilled beans, braised cabbage, red wine jus $27.90
Braised lamb shank in red wine tomato sauce w/ beans and potato mash GF $20.90
Eggplant rolls stuffed w/ baby spinach, avocado, roast red peppers served with salsa verde and salad GF / V $22.90
Thai-style fish cakes w/ Asian mango salad, sweet and sour plum sauce $17.90
Free-range chicken breast Dianne w/ roast broccoli, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes in Dianne sauce GF $22.90
Chicken Schntiz – free-range chicken breast schnitzel w/salad, fries, choice of sauce $19.90
Chicken Parmi – free-range chicken breast schnitzel topped with bacon, tomato slices, grilled mozzarella cheese w/salad, fries $21.90
Chef's special / Pasta of the day Please see specials board


Grilled fish of the day Please see specials board
Tuscan crumbed calamari w/ fries $19.50
King prawns served on ice w/house made cocktail sauce, lemon wedges GF $31.90
Seafood Plate (for 1) – smoked salmon, king prawns, Sydney rock oysters, New Zealand green lip marinated mussels, coconut prawns, Tuscan crumbed calamari, fries, house made cocktail sauce, lemon wedges, side salad $39.90
Deluxe Seafood Platter (to share) – Sydney rock oysters, smoked salmon, king prawns, crunchy fried soft-shell crabs, garlic butter, Moreton Bay bugs, New Zealand green lip marinated mussels, coconut prawns, Tuscan crumbed crumbed calamari, fries, condiments $99.90
Barramundi in a herbed crumbed w/ salad, fries, tartare sauce $19.90
Soft shell crab lightly dusted then fried in a wrap w/salad, avocado, truffle mayo, side of fries $25.90
Fisherman’s basket - tempura whiting fillets, coconut prawns, lemon pepper spiced crumbed calamari, crumbed scallop, fries $23.90
Sydney rock oysters – side of wakame mayo and cracked black pepper ½ Dozen $19.90
1 Dozen $33.90
Sydney rock oysters GF - Kilpatrick ½ Dozen $21.90
1 Dozen $36.90


All burgers served in a rustic style damper burger bun and a side of fries
Chef’s Beef Burger - Wagyu beef w/ lettuce, tomato, red cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, caramalised onions, peri-peri mayo $19.90
Prime Steak Burger - grain fed rib fillet steak w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese, grilled onions, house made BBQ sauce $19.90
Chicken Burger - chicken tenders, w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese, tomato salsa and jalapenos $17.90
BLT Burger - bacon, lettuce, tomato and guacamole $16.90
+ Bacon $2.50
+ Fried Egg $1.00
+ Gluten free bread $3.50


Our steaks are primarily sourced from the local Northern NSW region and our partner supplier, the Australian Beef Company. Our Executive Chef guarantees that your steak will be served tender and full of flavour. If you are not satisfied that your steak is prepared and presented to your satisfaction please present your (majority uneaten) meal to one of the members of our bistro team who will be happy to replace it.


Surf & Turf - grain fed rib fillet w/ garlic butter Moreton Bay bugs / 230gm $41.90
Angus Porterhouse - grain fed for melt in your mouth tenderness and robust flavor / 330gm $34.90
Rib Fillet - 90 day grain fed for a superb marbled finish / 230gm $29.90
Classic Rump - quality guaranteed grain fed rump / 280gm $22.90
Pork Rib Eye - on the bone and moisture infused for tastiness and finish $20.90
Served with your choice of a baked jacket potato or fries and your choice of salad or vegetables and sauce


Coconut prawns $8.90
Crumbed scallops $8.90
Crumbed cheese stuffed jalapenos $8.90
Tuscan crumbed calamari $8.90
Grilled blue cheese $8.90


Cabernet sauvignon jus
Mushroom GF
Green peppercorn GF
Gravy GF


Fries GF $7.50
Potato Mash GF/ V $5.90
Crunchy potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce V $9.90
Seasonal vegetables GF | V $7.50
Salad - mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, salad onions, julienne veg w/ white balsamic lemon dressing GF | V $8.50


Ask about our grilled options
Chicken breast nuggets – w/ choice of salad or chips or vegetables or mash $9.90
Crumbed calamari w/ choice of salad or chips or vegetables or mash $9.90
Tempura whiting fillet w/ choice of salad or chips or vegetables or mash $9.90
Spaghetti bolognaise w/parmesan cheese $9.90
Ice cream (cup or cone) 1 scoop $3.90
Ice cream (cup or cone) 2 scoops $6.50
Add topping $1.00
Island Way Sorbet $4.50


Greek - cos lettuce, olives, feta, cucumber, capsicum, salad onions GF | V $15.90
Caesar - cos lettuce, bacon, herbed croutons, parmesan, house made Caesar dressing, anchovies, egg $18.90
Quinoa - baby spinach, roast pineapple, cherry tomatos, raisins, walnuts, sesame lemon dressing V $19.50
Octopus - crispy baby octopus, crumbed olives, lettuce, onion, roast capscicum, zesty citrus dressing $19.90
Pulled pork – sticky pulled pork w/ mango Asian salad, crunchy shallots GF / V $23.90
+ Chicken tenderloins +$4.90
+ King prawns +$9.50
+ Smoked salmon +$7.90